We are a mirror and you are in it

It’s sad that the “Truth” and “The Daily Mirror” were not the best media Australia ever had. But they had the best names because telling the truth and being a daily mirror is what eternity is all about. Christianity in Australia is a good story and we want to tell if with your help.

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Can you cat-fish?

13 Oct 2021

For some cat-fishing is luring someone with false information. For others, it’s the art of polishing the apple. What is it for Christians?

A Christian in a Muslim world – Roy

12 Oct 2021

Roy’s family chose a religion because the government told them they had to. But a transformative time in university led to him choosing again – this time for himself.

Good Life

11 Oct 2021

We are now more able than ever to consider whether we are living a happy life. But one of our guests today – the great Miroslav Volf – reminds us that there is a difference between life going well, which triggers those feelings of happiness…  and living life well. So, what is true happiness – if that’s even the right word – and how do we get it!?

8 Oct 2021

How to argue

6 Oct 2021

Check out my pic!

5 Oct 2021

Faith that informs grief – Pete

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