Should I join a protest? No simple answer about Black Lives Matter

A murderer finds Jesus, a Hindu is saved, an Ice addict leaves hell


Drag Queen comment complaint withdrawn

26 Jun 2020 4:17PM

A Queensland woman who shared an Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) petition on Facebook has had…

Luke just wants to be free to devote himself to Jesus

26 Jun 2020 3:18PM

Young Bangladeshi refugee Luke Laltu came to Australia believing he would be free to practise…

More on Black Lives Matter, personal stories and more

26 Jun 2020 11:59AM

Today Eternity publishes personal insights into to issues around Black Lives Matter (BLM) – slavery…

Rev speaks from grave: confirms Australia’s history of slavery

26 Jun 2020 11:51AM

When Sydney landscaper Scott McManus began cleaning out his garage on the weekend, he did…

Faith Stories

‘We were the first Christians in our whole village in Nepal’

28 Jun 2020 12:48AM

Meena’s story | Enduring hard times with praise

"Have I failed to honour God because my life has not looked successful, as I thought it should?’

25 Jun 2020 1:01PM

Jo’s story | The science of success

‘God was real. It was such a surprise’

25 Jun 2020 12:38PM

Geoff’s story | From drug trips to recovery with Jesus

23 Jun 2020 1:44PM

‘I didn’t think I could co-ordinate the program in a prison!’

18 Jun 2020 2:37PM

‘I was fearful of getting it wrong or of making the wrong decision’

18 Jun 2020 1:59PM

“My dad died when I was 13. We were very close"

Sign on to Redress Scheme or lose funding, warns PM

29 Jun 2020 12:44PM

Deadline is tomorrow

As a descendent of Australian slaves, I’m grateful for white missionaries

26 Jun 2020 11:52AM

I was speaking to an aunty from northern Queensland recently who, with great excitement, was…

‘Let’s sit and talk’ says great granddaughter of a Blackbirding slave

26 Jun 2020 11:16AM

As the great-granddaughter of a slave, I have found the recent conversation over slavery’s existence…

25 Jun 2020 5:28PM

Is Mark Latham the new Fred Nile?

24 Jun 2020 1:57PM

“Incessant killing more dangerous than Coronavirus”: report on Nigeria

23 Jun 2020 5:28PM

View from the Southern Baptists: Black lives matter

Pell’s prison diary to be published

23 Jun 2020 12:44PM

Cardinal George Pell’s journal, written while he was in jail for 13 months on charges…

It takes a community to feed a community

22 Jun 2020 4:38PM

Especially during COVID-19

The Aussie Christians who owned slaves

20 Jun 2020 2:47PM

When the British paid compensation to slave owners as part of Wiberforce’s deal to get…

18 Jun 2020 10:59AM

The Bible is back in school for third term

17 Jun 2020 11:17AM

China’s churches lead the world out of coronavirus

16 Jun 2020 11:27AM

State by state, step by step out of lockdown

Shaun King says white Jesus statues should come down

23 Jun 2020 5:24PM

American writer, civil rights activist and social media influencer Shaun King has called for the…

Hopes wilt for teaching Christianity in Sudan schools

22 Jun 2020 11:55AM

Obligatory classes on Islam result in Islamisation, sources say.

Louie Giglio faces backlash for suggesting white privilege be reframed as “white blessing”

17 Jun 2020 10:01AM

Christian leader posts apology video in response

15 Jun 2020 2:28PM

COVID cases surge in India after lockdown eased

10 Jun 2020 2:23PM

In Africa, COVID looks very different than in Australia

10 Jun 2020 12:39PM

Singing sisters love learning the Bible’s tune

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