We are a mirror and you are in it

It’s sad that the “Truth” and “The Daily Mirror” were not the best media Australia ever had. But they had the best names because telling the truth and being a daily mirror is what eternity is all about. Christianity in Australia is a good story and we want to tell if with your help.

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Salt’s pre-season special

3 Aug 2021

COVID has delayed the start of our new season, but Jenny still has some great stories to share!

Everyday Sacred

2 Aug 2021

Just when you imagined Christians are all so heavenly minded they’re of no earthly use … this episode is all about why Christianity is arguably the most down-to-earth perspective you could imagine.

How To Question Your Faith

29 Jul 2021

Christianity has a mixed history when it comes to questioning your faith. Michael and Megan ask, is there a good way to go about it?

26 Jul 2021

The Exodus

19 Jul 2021

Christian Revolution

15 Jul 2021

Kinship And Refugees

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