Jesus is my cup of tea, says Dilmah founder

With a huge smile, Rosemary serves refugee and migrant women


Opening the Bible on the inside of prison

11 Jun 2020 12:26PM

A new Corrective Services Bible aims to support those who uphold the law

Children's ministry Quiz Worx thought COVID would (just about) stop their work. It did not

5 Jun 2020 3:06PM

When children’s ministry Quiz Worx put their COVID-era videos online they would have been pleased…

"Eternity" in the sky above the Harbour Bridge

4 Jun 2020 7:42PM

“Eternity” was written in the sky above the Sydney Harbour Bridge on Friday morning. The…

Iona raced down mountains ... and crashed into God

4 Jun 2020 3:18PM

Iona Rossely has the need for speed. A bubbly Irishwoman now settled in far northern…

Kids learn the Bible at home – Scripture joins schools' online lessons

8 May 2020 5:07PM

The news that Scripture – lessons about the Bible – is back is top of…

This mum of three was diagnosed with cancer - twice - in one year

8 May 2020 10:57AM

Mother’s Day means even more now to Narelle Richardson

Almost a third of 'not religion' Aussies open to discuss faith online

6 May 2020 11:31AM

Thirty one per cent of Australians who state they have ‘no religion’ told researchers they…

Jews, Hindus and Christians come to aid of Muslim charity

1 May 2020 11:12AM

When coronavirus restrictions struck, Hussein Faraj began delivering free food from his chicken shop in…

The Aussie 'crazy guy' bringing rival South African gangs together

29 Apr 2020 11:29AM

“Seeing a couple of hundred gangsters working together … that’s a pretty beautiful thing.”

28 Apr 2020 1:42PM

Sex, drugs, rock bottom, and finding hope. Again

22 Apr 2020 3:56PM

Was your baby born last year? Get them a free Bible

12 Apr 2020 9:14AM

The Queen's Easter message: Light overcomes darkness

9 Apr 2020 1:13PM

Church unity: one of many pandemic opportunities

3 Apr 2020 3:00PM

Good news about the good news: Bible available in languages used by 5.7 billion people

3 Apr 2020 6:44AM

In New York and Italy, Samaritan's Purse sets up emergency field hospitals

6 Mar 2020 4:22PM

Women at work: from a Chicago prison to Tanzanian fishing port to urban Tel Aviv

5 Mar 2020 12:47PM

How to help migrants meet Jesus

13 Feb 2020 2:57PM

God does use online dating

31 Jan 2020 3:56PM

The sacred ministry of scattering ashes at sea

31 Jan 2020 11:14AM

Orthodox Christian Novak Djokovic serves Jesus on and off the tennis court

27 Jan 2020 3:31PM

Singapore shop gives Chinese New Year decorations a Christian twist

27 Dec 2019 8:29AM

Our best stories of 2019

20 Dec 2019 1:09PM

The transparent faith of Queen Elizabeth

20 Dec 2019 12:10PM

'Santa' takes to the high seas

17 Dec 2019 4:58PM

This Christmas my kids will have presents – and lasting joy

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’Tis the season to be baptised

23 Nov 2019 5:19PM

How Jesus met a pagan fascist through Facebook

21 Nov 2019 3:00PM

Meet the young leader who's been chosen to hang with the Obamas next month

19 Nov 2019 12:33PM

Pope Francis invites the poor to live in Vatican palace

13 Nov 2019 3:33PM

The origins of Hillsong's Funny Man Dan

Jesus is my cup of tea, says Dilmah founder

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New study opportunities at Morling

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The Aussie 'crazy guy' bringing rival South African gangs together

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