Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

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11 Jun 2020 5:48PM

Black Lives Matter protests took place across Australia last Saturday, with tens of thousands gathered…

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All the Christian stuff you could need for personal reflection, group activities and church

Today is National Sorry Day

26 May 2020 1:22PM

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Christians reflect on what Australia saying sorry meant for them

Christian leader marks 250 years since Cook's 'first contact' with Aboriginal peoples

29 Apr 2020 5:34PM

Today, the 250th anniversary of British explorer James Cook’s first contact with Aboriginal people was…

Remembering the National Apology to Stolen Generations

13 Feb 2020 5:02PM

First Nations Christians reflect on the historic day, 12 years on

Strengthen a community and anything is possible, says Aboriginal Christian leader

13 Feb 2020 1:17PM

Local indigenous communities are critical to “fixing” their own problems, according to an Aboriginal Christian…

Tribal warriors in Redfern: the Aboriginal community that rebuilt itself

24 Jan 2020 2:12PM

Aboriginal Christian leader Shane Phillips is the king of understatement. “We make a lot of…

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Reconciliation: it’s all talk and no action

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Christians call to share land profits with Aboriginal people