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The girl who restored hope to hundreds of victims of war

‘I shouldn‘t be alive‘


Mike Baird's new job: From NSW Premier to banking and now to HammondCare charity

21 Apr 2020 11:20AM

Christian charity HammondCare announced Mike Baird has been appointed as incoming Chief Executive and will…

Prayers answered for Christian convert exiled to Iranian border

14 Apr 2020 11:50AM

When a convert from Islam in Iran was sentenced to two years in exile in…

Our commitment to you in unprecedented times

26 Mar 2020 1:03PM

In the past few weeks, the phrase “unprecedented days” has been repeated so frequently that…

The making of an African evangelist

18 Feb 2020 2:08PM

Abandonment, redemption and a lifelong commitment to sharing good news

The strange true story of a Russian worker in Australia

23 Jan 2020 1:28PM

Australia was a completely unknown quantity to Alex Semkin in 2017 when he started rebuilding…

From Christian to Hindu and back again – a beautiful journey

21 Jan 2020 11:24AM

Annette Williams can’t believe how she let herself be so deceived … for so long.…

God’s love in action – a Hindu’s reluctant conversion

9 Jan 2020 12:03PM

How a teenage spy was won over by power of prayer and service

Hundreds commit lives to Jesus at Youth Alive

13 Nov 2019 4:39PM

About 800 young people committed their lives to Jesus Christ at the recent Youth Alive…

Rugby World Cup opens the door to Jesus in Japan

16 Oct 2019 11:09AM

God is using the Rugby World Cup to break down barriers to the gospel in…

16 Aug 2019 10:23AM

Why you should become a Christian

2 Aug 2019 9:23AM

Let’s keep the good news new

3 May 2019 10:22AM

Faith as big as a canola crop

17 Apr 2019 11:05AM

Happy hour at the caravan park - and other gospel opportunities

16 Apr 2019 12:21PM

Planting hope in the middle of the city

10 Apr 2019 3:56PM

From Russia with love to Sydney’s high rises

10 Apr 2019 10:39AM

Finding more hills to die on

15 Mar 2019 5:37PM

Country kids on board for major youth convention

15 Mar 2019 2:42PM

You don’t need drugs to be in an alternate reality

7 Mar 2019 9:28AM

Eternity celebrates 100 editions

1 Mar 2019 4:09PM

Millennials not keen to risk their safety to reach the lost

20 Feb 2019 10:25AM

Wanted: full-time barber for Christian ministry

25 Dec 2018 7:39AM

Message of Jesus needed as much as ever, Queen says

12 Sep 2018 12:40PM

The meme-making bishop

26 Jul 2018 12:27PM

Power of prayer in teen’s survival

28 Jun 2018 2:12PM

I busted up our marriage and God fixed it

18 May 2018 11:40AM

When football is an act of worship

26 Apr 2018 4:31PM

Slum boy to anti-slavery crusader