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"Weird Christians" is a new movement that likes old stuff

Tim Costello's word for right now is "Hope"


Iona raced down mountains ... and crashed into God

4 Jun 2020 3:18PM

Iona Rossely has the need for speed. A bubbly Irishwoman now settled in far northern…

Ravi Zacharias in his own words

20 May 2020 11:57AM

As a man who lived much of his life in public, speaking to countless people…

Sex, drugs, rock bottom, and finding hope. Again

28 Apr 2020 1:42PM

New life after growing up in a ‘Christian bubble’

A good news story from a church online

30 Mar 2020 1:29PM

Stu Cameron is Lead Minister of Newlife Church on the Gold Coast, Coolangatta and Brisbane.…

Holding on to hope in a time of panic and fear

20 Mar 2020 6:39AM

Sometimes when you are in the middle of a crisis the best thing to do…

I came out at New Year ... as a Christian

31 Dec 2019 6:15AM

I always knew I was different. There was that feeling inside; that 12 year old’s…

Our best stories of 2019

27 Dec 2019 8:29AM

With 2019 wrapping up, we took a look back at some of the most inspiring,…

The transparent faith of Queen Elizabeth

20 Dec 2019 1:09PM

Kanye West blew up this year with Sunday Services and the Jesus is King album,…

Do I just believe in Jesus because my parents do?

12 Dec 2019 3:11PM

A Gen Z reflection on the meaning of Christmas

23 Nov 2019 5:19PM

How Jesus met a pagan fascist through Facebook

15 Nov 2019 3:57PM

We must enter the pain of others, as God does

7 Nov 2019 5:54PM

A poet expresses his faith

11 Oct 2019 5:13PM

Did the Pope say Jesus is not God?

9 Oct 2019 12:38PM

Feeling like God is unreachable

4 Sep 2019 11:43AM

You need joy

31 Jul 2019 4:53PM

Why you should not become a Christian

13 Jun 2019 12:40PM

Why I'm not a Christian: Jordan Peterson

5 Jun 2019 11:05AM

On being human, and being inconsistent

15 May 2019 1:20PM

The gift of boredom

4 Apr 2019 3:38PM

St Paul on George Pell

27 Feb 2019 11:54AM

7 things Jordan Peterson taught me last night

21 Feb 2019 1:34PM

'I can't begin to tell you what happened when they started shooting'

19 Dec 2018 11:49AM

I was about to end my life in Sydney when ...

11 Dec 2018 11:53AM

From atheist to Bible worker

15 Nov 2018 9:27AM

The day Justin stopped running

25 Oct 2018 11:36AM

Catholic Church swaps Pokemon GO for Follow JC Go!

28 Sep 2018 12:35PM

New on the ABC: Christianity is bad - and good

21 Sep 2018 4:40PM

Love means not making our neighbours choke on our exhaust

19 Sep 2018 10:18AM

The Christian festival that isn't

18 Sep 2018 10:18PM

Bill Hayden finds God