Aussie missionary awaits fate in Cambodian jail

Students warned of ‘dangerous cult’


John 3:16 is NOT the most popular verse in the Bible

19 Jan 2017 5:19PM

The most shared, bookmarked and highlighted verse in the Bible, by users of the YouVersion…

150 million Bibles printed in China

5 Oct 2016 11:39AM

This year, the 150 millionth Bible was printed in China. The world’s largest Bible printing…

New Russian anti-evangelism laws will not stop Christians evangelising

19 Jul 2016 3:27PM

Tuesday 19 July 2016 Russian president Vladimir Putin has approved a new suite of anti-terrorism laws…

Help China’s poor don God’s armour

15 Jul 2016 11:26AM

The rise of false teaching and heresies in China underlines the need for greater access…

Activists spy on sermons from churches meeting in public schools

7 Jul 2016 11:45AM

Churches that meet in public school halls in NSW on Sundays are under attack for…

Muslim refugees open to the Good News in their own language

6 Jul 2016 11:31AM

In a refugee camp in northern France, a Pashtun man from Pakistan was happy to…

10 books to add to your reading pile this Winter

4 Jul 2016 1:26PM

In its longest shortlist ever, the Australian Christian Book of the Year Shortlist has been…

‘Christian’ parties fighting for Senate scraps

4 Jul 2016 11:29AM

Australia’s “Christian Values” parties have been left scrabbling for the twelfth Senate spot in three…

A sequel to Passion of the Christ is coming

1 Jul 2016 11:41AM

A sequel to Mel Gibson’s controversial and hugely popular Passion of the Christ is in the works,…

30 Jun 2016 1:03PM

Reaping a harvest in the midst of war

28 Jun 2016 3:37PM

Women raped by the same man support We Care campaign

24 Jun 2016 3:49PM

The beautiful feet leaving an impression in the Mandorla art award

24 Jun 2016 2:37PM

Religious hostility in Australia on the rise

22 Jun 2016 1:36PM

Atheists challenge Christians to examine their creed

21 Jun 2016 3:02PM

Call to “Vote 1 for the plebiscite” by some Christian leaders

15 Jun 2016 4:54PM

Get on board the mobile cafe bus

15 Jun 2016 11:53AM

Bold plan for 1000 Baptist churches

13 Jun 2016 12:25PM

Centenarian surprised to be remembered at last

9 Jun 2016 3:42PM

It’s a tough slog for Aussie church planters

7 Jun 2016 2:24PM

Religious instruction under review in QLD

3 Jun 2016 4:29PM

Hand-made album blesses diverse “westie” community

3 Jun 2016 4:22PM

Chappy champs

3 Jun 2016 9:26AM

Bold, courageous church on ISIS frontline

1 Jun 2016 5:33PM

Former ABC head warns Christians against retreat into comfortable media worlds

31 May 2016 5:37PM

Soul surfer knocks off top Australian seed at Fiji Pro championship

31 May 2016 3:54PM

Roz Ward suspended from her job as red-baiting campaign claims her scalp

30 May 2016 2:35PM

🙌 b 2 😇 : a new emoji Bible for a new generation

27 May 2016 10:38AM

Chewbacca Mum loves Star Wars, but her real hero is Jesus

23 May 2016 4:39PM

Thousands of years of waiting for a modern-day Noah’s Ark, now we’ve got three at once

23 May 2016 11:54AM

Uniting Church calls for huge boost to humanitarian refugee intake