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The Monthly sledges Pentecostalism (again)

Media watch: secret church business


The SMH apologises to the Mardi Gras. What should Christians do?

26 Feb 2016 9:13AM

The Sydney Morning Herald has apologised after 38 years to participants in Sydney’s first Mardi…

Christians don’t get a fair go in the media, or why Eric Abetz gets it right

19 Oct 2015 12:49PM

Senator Eric Abetz’s claim that Christian conservative politicians don’t get fair treatment by the Canberra…

Does closing Zoo Magazine make any difference?

18 Sep 2015 2:46PM

“Zoo Magazine’s demise makes the world safer for young women,” according to a press release…

The worst media Christian bashing this year?

22 Sep 2014 5:06PM

There’s probably no point waiting to the end of the year to award the prize…

A minister, a gay couple and a camera crew

4 Sep 2014 10:03AM

It takes a brave person to be the “official” Christian on a reality TV show.…

Media Watch: Will we really love Muslims for 100 years?

28 Aug 2014 4:57PM

A New York magazine has attacked the “We’ll Love Muslims for 100 years” campaign reported…

Media Watch: The Saturday Paper and the last ex-gay ministry

16 Jun 2014 5:53PM

Last month, The Saturday Paper (a new tabloid from the same stable as The Monthly)…

Behind the scenes at Eternity

19 May 2014 3:14PM

“You really should have not used that cover picture”, was the reaction of a number…

The fish John West rejects: why the news you see and read never tells you everything that happens

27 Nov 2013 10:33AM

The news that never makes it is a media topic that is hard to talk…

13 Dec 2012 10:59AM

Media commandment: Thou shalt not obtain information by dishonest means

11 Oct 2012 1:33PM

Confessions of a journalist: The night I hit Kerry Packer with a six by four

21 Sep 2012 9:45AM

Baptist megachurch pastor on Christians in the QandA fiery furnace

7 Sep 2012 10:13AM

ACL’s Jim Wallace meets a sceptical press

11 Aug 2012 5:00PM

“Silver and gold have I none” – London Olympics has distinctly religious flavour