Local Aussie Christian talent set to shine in 2014

A lot of music is available today but sometimes it’s hard to know what’s good, and what’s about to ‘break’. Below, three of the movers and shakers in the Christian sector find the bands and artists you need to hear before they get big.

Dave Schenk from Easterfest suggests three acts – each with impressive live shows – that could get major breaks in 2014.



“I’m really excited about the indie pop vibe of Tigertown (NSW),” Dave says. “Last year, the group played at the CMJ Music Marathon in New York.”

Bec Laughton (Brisbane) has an incredible fun show with lots of energy. Great funk, soul music. And Slip On Stereo (Brisbane) is extremely energetic and lots of fun.”

Mike Gore from Halo Music says festivals such as Blackstump have unearthed a lot of talent over the past year. He says several acts are ready for the big time.

Silver Cities

Silver Cities

Silver Cities (NSW) has huge potential,” Mike says. “The lead singer Hayley Jensen has an incredible voice, and the group has a dance rock vibe. We’ll hear a lot more from them in the future.

“And two bands that are virtually unknown (at the moment) are The Soorleys (NSW) and The Yetis (NSW). I saw them for the first time at Blackstump and they were just incredible. I think they could be huge too,” he adds.

MJ, the pastor for Youth and Young Adults at Heathmont Baptist Church in Melbourne’s East, says people are hungering for authentic, genuine lyrics from artists who are “real and not manufactured”. He predicts his three acts are ready to take centre stage this year:

Rachel Costanzo (Melbourne) has all the traits you’d expect from an incredible pop artist. The same with the Masketta Fall (Melbourne),” he says. “Both have worked closely with Michael Paynter who appeared on The Voice last year.

“Further afield, there’s Selahphonic – a Sunshine Coast band that’s been getting a lot of attention on independent radio across the country. And they’re beginning to crack Christian radio as well,” he adds.