Live Light in 25 Words races around Mount Panorama

This weekend at Mount Panorama in Bathurst the Jesus Racing Ute will be a very fast moving banner promoting the Australia-wide Live Light in 25 Words Bible Reading campaign. The Jesus Ute has a newly branded ‘Live Light in 25 Words’ tail gate, and in-dash sign that will be seen by the on-board camera.

Bible Society Australia managers Mark Owen and Chris Melville spent Thursday with the Jesus Racing Ute team connecting with other sponsors to strengthen relationships, and to see first hand the racing team and driver Andrew ‘Fishtail’ Fisher in action.

BSA is a sponsor of Andrew Fisher and the Jesus Racing team, supporting Fisher’s ministry in speaking to young people in schools about life and about Jesus.

“It is an excellent partnership that helps Andrew to connect young people to the message of the Bible,” says Mark Owen who oversees BSA’s work to young people and schools.

“We not only sponsor but work with Andrew to coordinate his school tours when he is in town and supply thousands of specially designed Jesus Racing gospels for him to hand out.”

Owen and Melville took the opportunity to meet with Andrew Fisher on Thursday in between pre-race practice about future Christian outreach opportunities with the Jesus Racing team. Owen says,  “We met and discussed with Andrew some other ideas to connect young people to the Bible. It was pretty amazing he could take the time to meet with us, considering his busy pre-race schedule.”

During practice on Thursday, Fisher posted the second fastest lap time;  he currently holds 3rd place in the championship. Owen encourages people to, “Make sure you watch the race this weekend, and hope that Andrew has a very successful weekend!”

If you haven’t signed up for the Bible Reading campaign, happening across more than 2500 churches, head to