General Secretary Bible Society Lebanon visiting Australia

General Secretary of Bible Society Lebanon, Dr Mike Bassous, is in Australia this week to raise awareness and support for the work of Bible Society in meeting the needs of Syrian refugees flooding into Lebanon. Christians in the Middle East need help if they are to respond to the growing refugee crisis.

The situation in Syria and neighbouring Lebanon has reached a crisis point, with the United Nations estimating that as many as 30,000 people have died as a result of the recent conflict. UNHCR, the UN refugee agency, reports that as many as 100,000 Syrians are seeking refuge in neighbouring Lebanon, and as many as 284,000 Syrian refugees have fled their homeland since the crisis began.

For years, Dr Mike Bassous and the Bible Society in Lebanon have been actively involved in holistic ministry with refugees, providing Scriptures, food, household items and medical care. “We have tried to move away from being another book publisher and to more giving the Bible the real place in our society and community, and that is the central place”, says Dr Bassous. In the past year, Dr Bassous has seen firsthand the enormous human cost of the conflict in Syria, as refugees flood into neighbouring Lebanon, and he is committed to sharing the hope of Christ to all those adversely affected.

Bible Society Lebanon is working in partnership with relief agencies to meet the need for practical assistance, as well as Scriptures for those living in the camps. Dr Bassous tells, “the impact of course is five times or ten times greater than just giving out the Bible by itself, because here what we are doing is giving out the word of God, but we are actually practicing what the word of God says. When you see your brother’s thirsty give him a glass of water, when you see he is sick go and visit him. So we are actually living the Bible, and presenting a hard copy at the same time.”

Dr Bassous also works on a global scale to promote the Biblical values of respect, justice, peace, and reconciliation. Dr Bassous serves as the Vice Chairman of the Global Board of the United Bible Societies, as well as an adjunct professor in international studies at Taylor University, USA. He holds key insight into the state of Bible distribution across the globe, as well the role of the Christian not-for-profit sector in connecting the Bible’s ethical teaching with the needs of the people in ethics, poverty religion, politics and the arts.

Dr Bassous will speak about the hardship facing Syrians and Lebanese alike at various events in New South Wales and Victoria. Find out what events are happening near you below.

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Event Schedule

NSW Events
Worship Service  Sunday 18 November 2012  Berowra Baptist Church
41 Berowra Waters Road, Berowra, NSW
10am No RSVP necessary
 Christian Conference Sunday 18 November 2012  GracePoint Chinese Presbyterian Church
36 James Street, Lidcombe, NSW
 2pm No RSVP necessary
Worship Service Sunday 18 November 2012 Parkside Baptist Church
717 Smithfield Road, Edensor Park NSW
 6.30pm No RSVP necessary
Breakfast with Mike Bassous Tuesday 20 November Epping Baptist
1-5 Ray Road, Epping, NSW
7am-8.30am RSVP essential. Click here.
Coffee & Dessert Night Tuesday 20 November Green Point Christian College
382 Avoca Drive, Green Point NSW
8pm RSVP essential. Click here.
Kiama Celebration Saturday 24 November Kiama Catholic Church
94 Manning Street  Kiama NSW
 10-10.45am morning tea
10.45am-12.30pm Mike Bassous presentation
RSVP essential. Click here.
Gerringong Celebration Saturday 24 November Gerringong Primary School
12 Archibald Road, Gerringong NSW
2pm-4.30pm RSVP essential. Click here.
VIC events
Worship Service Sunday 25 November Syndal Baptist
588 High Street Road, Glenwaverley VIC
8.30am and 10.30am services No RSVP necessary
Worship Service Sunday 25 November Kew Baptist Church
10 Highbury Grove, Kew VIC
7pm No RSVP necessary
City Gates Wednesday 28 November Blackburn Hotel
111 Whitehorse Road, Blackburn VIC
2pm-4pmJoin Sophia Think Tank (a part of BSA’s Bible Advocacy Portfolio) for an afternoon of coffee, cake and discussion with Michel Bassous about Bible advocacy in the Middle East. This is a free event. RSVP essential. Click here.