Daily wisdom from the Bible as we approach the federal elections

In May, subscribers to the Bible Society’s Daily Bible will find guidance for the elections waiting each day in their inbox.

“Most Christians talk of the contemporary relevance of the Bible, but too often it is applied to personal transformation, and the area of social transformation is left untouched,” says Dr David Wilson, Director of Bible Society Australia’s advocacy unit, Sophia Think Tank.

 “As we approach the federal elections in Australia we have a golden opportunity to see if the Bible has any wisdom that throws light on the very contemporary issues facing us as a nation. 

“Of course I believe it does, and I invite you to travel with me over 31 days to see if you agree.”

Each reading in May, prepared by Dr Wilson, will provide a short Bible passage, a related question and suggested further reading. These will look at the questions behind the blaring headlines: What is the role of Government?  What does good leadership look like?  What sort of a society do we want?  Where is God in the political process?  What is the role of God’s people in all of this?

Dr Wilson, who has credentials in theology and psychology, was a councillor for the City of Melbourne and has a passion for social justice. Above all lives by the conviction that the Bible is a valuable source of wisdom for all aspects of life. He’s so driven by this need for Biblical guidance as we vote, that he’ll be back in August with more Daily Bible readings. He’ll look at some of the dominant issues everyone’s talking about such as the environment, health care, mental health, education, and the economy.

For now, get ready to read the Bible with him every day in May.

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Photo: www.aec.gov.au