25 days. 25 people. 25 words Christmas campaign

Thousands of Australians got behind the Live light in 25 words in October this year. Now, as Christmas approaches, Bible Society has a new take on 25 Words to prepare Christians and non Christians alike for the special season of celebrating Jesus’ birth.

“The Bible’s story of Christmas was surprising in every way,” says Greg Clarke, CEO of Bible Society Australia. “It was God appearing to surprising people – common shepherds and astrologers. And, of course, it bought us Jesus, who was the ‘friend of sinners’.”

Greg Clarke speaks about the new initiative, saying “’25 days. 25 people. 25 words’ is an online experience of the surprise of Christmas. And it does that by giving you the Christmas story from the mouths of surprising people. They include convicted criminals, professional soldiers and the homeless.”

Campaign manger Chris Melville says, “Christmas is for everyone. People with Christian faith and without Christian faith think Christmas is important. So with this campaign, we’re going back to the beginning of Christmas, and looking at the Bible together.”

For each of the 25 days leading up to Christmas, a video will be available online as part of a digital advent calendar. On each video, words from the Bible will be read, giving each person who participates a new experience of Jesus this Christmas.

Greg Clarke says, “You probably know the Bible’s story of Christmas very well. But I think this 25 day experience will give it a whole new dimension.”

Make sure you sign up so you don’t miss a single day. It starts this Saturday (1st Dec)!